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For Doula guidance, HypnoBirthing and Placenta Capsulation in Wageningen, Ede, Arnhem, Elst, Overbetuwe, Tiel and Nijmegen.

Are you expecting a baby? Congratulations! Than you probably are looking for ways to have a fully confident and relaxed pregnancy. I can help you with this!

Jolanda doula 2I can help you if you want Doula guidance during your pregnancy and/or birth, course HypnoBirthing (private/group) or if you want to have your placenta encapsulated. You can contact me for all these services. Look around on my website for more information.

Doula and HypnoBirthing is the perfect combination for your guidance! I have knowledge of breathing techniques, relaxation etcetera. With me as a doula at your birth, you also have someone who is enthusiastic and knowledgeable in guiding your birth and your partner.

If you want more information on HypnoBirthing® or on Doula guidance during your pregnancy or/and labour or on placenta encapsulation, send me an email! We will conduct an interview to get to know each other better (there are no obligations). My emailaddress is info@birthpartner.nl. You can also send me a text message at 06 – 531 85 039.

Do you want to get in contact with me? Fill in the Contactform in.

with warm regards,

Jolanda van den Bosch