A Doula, what’s that?

The word doula originates from Greek and it means ‘taking care’ or ‘serving woman’. A doula is described as an experienced and knowledgeable woman who supports expectant parents mentally during pregnancy, childbirth and the period thereafter. You can also call it a birth coach. A doula does not replace the midwife or a nurse. She is an addition to these caregivers. Where existing care providers are mainly for the medical condition of the woman in labor, the doula is there specifically for the mental and physical support.

Most non-Western countries know the concept of a doula. When a woman gives birth, she is surrounded by her mother, mother-in-law, sisters. In other words all kinds of women from the community. All of them support the woman. Women have been brought up surrounded by births since childhood, and therefore they know what is going to happen. Whereas in Western countries childbirth is more and more a medical and individualistic issue rather than something natural. In the United States and Australia a doula is more common. Here in The Netherlands it is still relatively unknown, which is such a pity. How nice would it be to have someone to support you during your delivery, especially for you and your partner. Someone who does not leave your side, who knows what labour is and gives you the confidence that you can do it. A doula during your delivery offers several advantages. If you would like to know more, you can send me an email, whatsapp or call me. My email address is info@birthpartner.nl and my ‘phone number is 06-531 85 039.

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