Doula, will it suit me?

Maybe you already know that you want a doula. That’s great! But usually couples are wondering whether they do or not. As it is, you would not just invite anyone to witness your birth. That is why we have multiple appointments so we can really get to know each other, and so that I understand what your fears and doubts are.

Are you wondering whether a doula would suit you? A doula can suit every woman. It does not matter whether you are anxious or not, whether your last birth was traumatic or whether this is your first baby, whether you are insecure or you feel totally empowered. Maybe you are on your own. How nice would it be if there is someone who is there just for you. If you want to find out whether a dould would suit you, we can get together to meet. Afterwards you can decide whether a doula is something for you.

I often hear that the costs are the reason for not taking on a doula. Unfortunately only a few health insurance policies cover the costs of a doula. If this is your reason to doubt, think of the following: How much do you spend on the babyroom? How much do you spend on a good stroller? Then how much is a delivery that you can look back on with pride, worth to you? Maybe even a delivery you can look forward to?

The father to be

But what if you want a doula, but your partner does not? Let’s be very clear, I do and cannot not replace your partner. For the father the delivery is a very exciting time. Whereas a mother can feel her child during the pregnancy, the birth is the first time the father and the child meet. And as for the mother, a delivery is not something he experiences every day. It could be that your partner feels insecure about everything what happens. I will be there to support him and give him tips and tricks so that he can be the secure partner at your side as you need him to be. In no case can I replace him. An other advantage of me being there is that if he has to take care of the children, walk the dog, or if he just needs a little time out, you won’t be alone! I will stay with you!

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