Let me introduce myself

IMG_4588My name is Jolanda van den Bosch and I am married to Peter. When my first child was born (2008), I had never heard of a doula. I wish I had. The delivery did not go as I had expected. A doula would have helped me a lot. Now we are proud parents of 3 lovely boys.

As long as I know, I have been fascinated by the magic of pregnancy, birth and new-borns. Since my first baby I felt the need to protect and support expecting couples. This feeling never went away. It became stronger each time I was pregnant. Being a doula is my destiny.

You may find a doula a bit woolly, but it isn’t. At least, I am not. I am practical, down to earth. My wish for new parents to be is that I may guide them to a new phase of their life as they wish this themselves, according to their plans and wishes as much as possible. I will do this in a respectful manner. It would be my honour if you let me be present during the delivery of your family.

  • 3 children (2008, 2012 and 2014 – all boys)
  • 2015 Doula Education Utrecht
  • Aspirant member of the NBvD (Dutch Bond for Doulas)
  • 2016 HypnoBirthing The Mongan Method Practitioner
  • 2016 Trained by IPPA (Internation Placenta and Postpartum Association)

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