Birth plan Guidance

Do you have ideas and wishes about your delivery, but need help to articulate this well in a birth plan? For this appointment I will come to your home or we can meet up at the EchoPret Practice in Lent/Nijmegen. We discuss the possibilities and any issues you are anxious about. You will receive the birth plan digitally so you can adjust it yourself. It is quite possible that in the course of your pregnancy you take a different view on certain topics.

Ask any pregnant woman what she wants in her birth plan and you probably hear a lot of answers like “I don’t want this, I don’t want that”. Yet, this is not the main objective or input for a birth plan.

In a birth plan you describe how you DO want to give birth. By talking about the birth plan together with your partner you both know how you think about certain situations and what you both find important.

When a pregnant couple comes to me for help with the birth plan, I give them homework. Settle yourself down and imagine how your perfect labor will be. What should happen during this labor what makes it perfect for you? This will be our starting point of view. From here on we discuss all sorts of possibilities, probably including things you and you partner never thought of.

Subjects like where do you want to deliver, who do you want in the room with you, in what kind of position do you want to deliver in, do you want pain medication (and do you know what the possible effects are?)possibly these are subjects you have already thought of. But what about topics like whether you want to delay cutting the umbilical cord, should the baby have a hat on or not, what can you do with the placenta. These are subjects I can tell you more about.

Whether you deliver at home or in a hospital, a birth plan is always good to have for the caregivers. By reading your birth plan they know what your wishes are. This gives you the feeling that you are being heard. That is why it is important to be Clear and concise and thecaregivers can quickly and easily get an impression of your wishes’

It is also recommendable to share your birth plan with your midwife/obstetrician prior to your birth. If you want, I can come along with this appointment to support you.

You cannot plan the way you labor evolves,
But you can plan the way you will experience the circumstances.

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