What is HypnoBirthing®

Deliver from your own strength and confidence!

Do you want to deliver your baby in a quiet and powerful manner?

Then follow the HypnoBirthing Course now!

I offer this course in co-operation with Enjoy-HypnoBirthing.nl

You might find HypnoBirthing a bit woolly, but that is not what HypnoBirthing is. It is a practical and complete course to teach you to trust your own body, your own intuition, your own strength. You follow this course with your (birth)partner. In most cases this is your husband or boyfriend but it can also be your mother, your sister or a good friend. As long as it is someone you have confidence in, someone you want to undertake this journey with. In the course you will learn how nature has planned women to give birth. You will learn techniques for breathing, relaxation, birthing positions, etcetera. It is a complete course to help you approach your birth calmly and full of strength.

It is really beautiful to see that most couples go home more empowered after just one class. After following the complete course, most couples are looking forward to the delivery!

Comments from couples after they have followed the course:

“I can’t imagine not having done the course. You learn so much about a woman’s body and how labor works”

“I am now looking forward to the birth. I am very curious how it will be!”

“During my first delivery a lot went wrong. I was glad I was in a hospital. But now I wonder whether a lot went wrong actually because I was in a hospital. This time I want a home birth.”

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