Geboorte van Aurean

Dearest Jolanda,

As we told you before, we were very lucky in finding you, thanks for all your teachings and for your support. Every single comment you made was focused in empowering and making us be confident. Thanks a lot for helping to co create this story. 🙂 

Tuesday, August 23.On the due date for my baby’s birth, I started to feel the surges. Early in the morning I woke up because of the movements announced by my baby, they were coming and going. 

We called to the midwife, and I took a bath. After a few minutes she came to our house, she examined me, but my baby was not yet engaged. She told us we had to wait for a while. 

I did some excercises on the birthing ball, while my husband started to fill the bath tub. We lit candles, put some flowers, played relaxing music and mantras, and perfumed the athmosphere with lavender essence. I did the affirmations and visualizations for my ideal birth. 

In the afternoon we went for a walk around the neigborhood, and we continued meditating and doing visualizations of my body opening and of my baby engaging. 

I spent the whole night feeling the waves, but I felt in calm despite the tiredness. I could not rest in bed, it was painful, so I tried to keep standing or sitting in the ball. 

Wednesday, August 24.

The sunrise announced to us the next day had arrived. I started to feel the surges every two minutes. I knew that my body was feeling pain but I was not suffering, I knew pain was just an option, and I chose love. 

Once again the midwife came to the house, but this time she said that our baby was already engaged and that I had seven centimeters of dilatation, so I could get into the birthing pool. In that moment I was very happy, because despite the long journey I passed being inside the waves, I was finally about to meet my son, letting him pass through my body. 

Once inside the tub, I felt how the warm water helped my body to relax more and more, then I felt less pain. My husband gave me the light touch massage, told me affirmations, remembered me that I could do it, and gave me his hand every time I needed it. We shared this magic experience together.

It did not take long time, when the midwife checked me and said that I was fully dilated. I was surprised, I was thinking it would be longer or worst, but it was not like that. 

During the pregnancy I wanted to breath my baby instead of pushing him to birth. The time had come. I did the surge breathing, I wanted him to be born with it, but suddenly I felt his head crowning and the breathing was not enough. I realized that I could not force the situation, I had to let myself flow, and my instinct was inviting me to push. I remembered the affirmation: I am prepared to calmly meet whatever turn my birthing takes. 

I breath slowly and visualized myself taking the hand of a young child, we were walking through a white light tunnel. So, I did it, I pushed and my baby came out from my body. He was there, my little, healthy and beautiful son.

During all the process I never got to feel that I could not do it. Even when I had to push, I only did it. It was a great learning experience, I had to open my body, my mind, my soul and my heart. It was fully a love experience.

Additionally, I want to share with you a video I made of Aurean’s birth. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks so much again and hope to see you soon! 

Video of birth